To my Husband

You are my home

All of my life I have been searching
for someone to find me
I have been lonely waiting for your
arms to hold me
You took me in from the cold
And out of the dark
You have taken me into your heart

You are my home
You are the one that I come to
You are the shelter I run to
To keep me safe from the cold
You are my home
You are the love that completes me
You are the touch that has freed me
I look in your eyes and I know
You are my home

You were the light in the window when I
couldn't find my way
You led my heart to the warm tender
place her beside you
You are where I always will be
You 're where I belong
I have been looking for you for so long

You are my home

My Husband

Today I celebrate
the wonder of our love.
As I remember our wedding day
and the promises we made,
I can still see your nervous smile,
your tears as I walked down the aisle.

We are not the same people
that took those vows,
so many years ago.
We are older and surely wiser.
We have found joy in our differences
and we revel in our sameness.

You know my thoughts,
when I can't find the words.
Your touch brings forth answers,
when I know not the questions.
Your laughter- your sweet laughter
brings peace to my soul.

There are no words to express
the depth of the joy and the wonder
that you have brought to my life.
So today I celebrate a love
that is complete
for knowing you.

My Husband, My Friend :

as only you can.
Even through the tears,
Your touch makes my heart smile.
It sends a stream of comforting warmth
throughout every inch of my body.

Day after day you give of yourself
without question or hesitation.
How lucky that has made me,
for you have blessed my life.
Together, we share a passion
that stirs an awakening within me,
I never knew was there.
Like a new Spring day
when the earth welcomes in new life.

You are my husband, my friend,
my sweet wonderful love.
The man I will gracefully grow old with,
the man who will keep me forever young.
To you I give my body, heart, and soul,
together, we share our time,
our memories... our love.
Today, I adore you... my husband,
Tomorrow I cherish you... my friend,
To the end of time, I love you... my
sweet wonderful love.