To My Wife.

You are my sunshine
You are my rain
You are my sanity
When I feel in sane.

You are my eyes that
Help me to see
You are my air that
Help me to breath.

You are my laughter
When I'm fouched with grief,
You are the branches that
Hold my leaves.

You protect me from harm
No matter what it may be>
When danger is around.
You do not flee

You are what God gave me
You are my fate,
You are my friend my love,
You are my mate.

Thank you for being my wife all those years.
I love you.
To You I give my all,
For you have given me courage,
That was not there...
You have shown me laughter,
That I can share...
You have brought out feelings,
That are deep and true...
You have shown me a tomorrow,
That is no longer blue...
For that my Darling,
I will always love you...