This our lovely house

This is our lovely home

Grand Daughter Charmaine's Page.

I am Charmaine Kuhn

Charmaine is my name.
My name is Charmaine Monique Kuhn
And I am born on 4 October 1984
In Adelaide South Australia.
And I am living with my mum and my younger brother.
And we are verry happy living together.
I am The First Grandchild
As if God saved the best for last,
With a gift from Heaven above;
Then sent it down on angel's wing,
In a tiny bundle of love.
The purest touch of Heaven,
God sent to live on earth;
Is there within your first grandchild,
In the miracle of its birth.
The first time that you hold them,
Nestled in your arms so sweeet;
They somehow steal your heart away,
And make your life complete.
As if God saved the best for last,
They sent it from Heaven above;
This tiny babe on angels' wings,
Your first grandchild to love.
Nobody walks alone
Oftimes when the highway of life seems rough
and all of your dreams have flown,
Just remember, wherever your road my go,
Nobody walks alone.

when everyone else has let you down,
and under your sins you groan,
just keep reminding your burdened heart -
Nobody walks alone.

Then suddenly you'll feel His hand in yours,
and His eyes lifting up your own.
And you'll hear His gentle, forgiving voice;
"Nobody walks alone".....

To everyone who takes the time to write or visit.
Thank you! Merci! Danke! Gracias!
It is not too easy for me to keep up with the mail,
but I appreciate your visit. And more than everything.
I am most grateful for your patience
as I am trying to make these the best as could be.