12 October 2002
. Australian Terror Day
in Den Pasar Bali

Lets pry for all of them

Let Us Never Forget
Them At All

Lets Pray For Them
.And There Family's.
M:Sturt trainer. Bob Marchall  68
DEAD: Joshua Deegan, 22. Belair.
DEAD: Angela Golotta.19 Tea Tree Gully
MISSING: Tim Hawkins.28.Tasmania.
Bob Marchall
Joshua Deegan
Angela Golotta.
Tim Hawkins
MISSING: Brad Ridley,Forbes Rugby club.  NSW.
DEAD: Robyn Webster.37.Bronte.NSW.
DEAD: Billy Hardy.20. Queensland.
DEAD: Marlene Whitely.42. Frankston, Victoria.
Brad Ridley
Robyn Webster
Billy Hardy
Marlene Whitely
MISSING: Danny Lewis,19, Ulladulla.
MISSING: Nicole Harrison,29, Mandurah.WA.
MISSING: Shane Walshtill,32, NSW.
MISSING: Debby Borgia,44, of NSW.
Danny Lewis
Nicole Harrison
Shane Walshtill
Debby Borgia
MISSING: Dimmy Kotronakis, From NSW.
MISSING: Jessica O'Donnell,21, From Victoria.
DEAD: Robert Thwaites,24,Engineer from Gold Coast.
MISSING: Michelle Dunlop,30,From Mennai, NSW.
Dimmy Kotronakis
Jessica O'Donnell,
Robert Thwaites
Michelle Dunlop
MISSING: Chloe Byron,15, from Bondi.NSW.
MISSING: Greg Sanderson,Forbes Rugby club, NSW.
DEAD: Kathy Salvatori From NSW. MISSING: Graig Dunn,19, from Ulladulla,NSW>
Chloe Byron
Greg Sanderson
Kathy Salvatori
Graig Dunn
DEAD: Marc Garjardo,30,from Byron Bay,NSW.
MISSING: Marissa McKeon,14.from Sydney. NSW.
MISSING: Francis Cachia,from Victoria.
MISSING: Paul Cronin,Forbes ruby club.NSW.
Marc Garjardo
Marissa McKeon
Francis Cachia
Paul Cronin
MISSING: Sue Maloney,from Victoria.
MISSING: Francoise Dahan,from NSW>
MISSING: Gerlandine Buchan from Sydney
MISSING: Gerlandine Buchan,from Maroubra,NSW>
Sue Marloney
Francoise Dahan
Gerlandine Buchan
Gerlandine Buchan

Here below they were Team-mates
from the Perth's Kingsley Cats football club.

MISSING: Dean Ggallagher,from Perth,WA.
MISSING: Corey Paltridge,Peth,WA.
MISSING: David Ross,Perth,WA.
MISSING: Anthony Stewart.from Perth,WA.
Dean Gallagher
Corey Paltridge
David Ross
Anthony Stewart

Christine Betmalin,Maria Elfes,
Elizabeth Kotronakis and Louiza Zervos.
In Bali before the explosion.
Only Maria Elfes is known to have survived it.

HOLIDAY GIRLS: Christine Betmalin,Maria Elfes, Elizabeth Kotronakis andLouiza Zervos in Bali before the explosion.OnlyMaria Elfesknown to have survived it.
MISSING:Friends Judy Wallace And Charmaine Whitton both from Sydney
Judy Wallace And Charmaine Whitton

All members from Coogee Dolphines rugby league team
in Bali on there of season trip.:

DEAD: David Mavoudis
DEAD: Shane  Foley
DEAD: Adam Howard
DEAD:Johua Lliffe
David Mavoudis
Shane Foley
Adam Howard
Johua Lliffe
DEAD: Clint Thompson
MISSING: Gerard Yeo
Clint Thompson
Gerard Yeo
Nicole Lewis with posters of her brother,Danny and his friend Graig Dunn. She has been placing them around the arrivals area of Sydney International Airport.We hope she will find them.
Nicole Lewis with posters of her brother,
Danny and his friend Graig Dunn.
She has been placing them around
the arrivals area of Sydney International Airport.
We hope she will find them.

to everyone,
who lost someone.

Trauma: A volunteer working in the morgue at Sanglah hospital taken a break.
Trauma: A volunteer working in the morgue
at Sanglah Hospital taken a break.
Trauma Soldiers prepare ice to be uced to help preserve the bodies.Pictures taken by Rohan Kelly and Bred Hartwig.
Trauma Soldiers prepare ice to be uced
to help preserve the bodies
Evidence: Indonesian Police inspect the Sari Club bombed site.
Indonesian Police inspect the Sari Club bombed site

HERE BELOW are all the known to be MISSING sofar.

Ashley-Airlie,Maroubra,17,NSW. Geoff_Allison.State unknown.
Renee-Anderson,Sydney,NSW. Dennis-Arcuris.State unknown.
Steve-Buchan,Syney,NSW. Jason-Briggs.State unknown.
Paul-Cronin,Frobes rugby
union club member..NSW.
Marni-Colquhoun.State unknown.
Craig-Jeffry-Dunn,Sydney,NSW. Gina-Corteen.State unknown.
Lynette-Mckeon,Sydney,NSW. Franny-Daham.State unknown
Six officials and family
involved in the South-Syney
Junior Rugby League Club.NSW.
Steve-Detland.State unknown.
Cathy-Seelin,Sydney.NSW. Adam-Devine.State unknown
Francis-Anthony,Melbourne,VIC. Tony-Etherington.State unknown
Rebecca-Cartledge,Blackburn,VIC. Angela-Graham,28.State unknown.
Jarrod-Game,Melbourne,VIC. James-Hartman.State unknown
of-two from Carrum.VIC.
Carol-Johnstone,35.State unknown.
Teammates from Perth's
Kingsley Cats football club
And seven other Swan Athletic
Football Club members
And Michawl-Yukich
State unknown.
======================= Scott-Lysaght,34.State unknown
Jamie-Mail.State unknown. Gary-Nash.State Unknown.
nadine-Ramm.State unknown

HERE BELOW are all the known to be Injured sofar in the attact.
To be known as Australian

Lee-Sexton,46 Renee-Fowler.
Michael-Stanoring Emma-Fox.
Julie-S-Stehens Laura-France
Belinda-Wakwana. Graig-Hardy
Belida_Allen Jane-Jared
Mike-Arnold. Cedem-Kt.
Tim-Arnold Devendort-Lewis.
Sumerta-Bapak Sue-Meloney
Peter-Basio,44. Suehel-Mechraoi.
Stave-Beckervich Aris-Muranbar
Steven-Berland Amber-O'Donnell
Brad-Bidley. Susanna-Ogier.
Mathew-Bollweek. Dimitris-Panagoulis.
Phil-Bolten. Natalie-Perkins.
Niel-Bowler. Mervin-Popadynee
Guilaume-Reg-Danial-Brent Brett-Reitley
Anthony-Calehia. Cilia-Roeil
Bronwyn-Cartwright. Quinton-Safing.
Magui-Cathrina. Benet-Summer
Andy-Cook Bethnic-Summer
Donna-Croxford Nathan-Swaine
Kristen-Curnow Alexandre-Wataki
Sylvia-Dalais Roger-Williams
Nana-Dejong Adam-Wright
Andrew-Dobson,40 Brind-Finder

Are all the known to be DEAD and MISSING.
Over other parts of the world..

~<>~ BRITAIN ~<>~
~<>~ BRAZIL ~<>~
33 Believed to be dead.
2 missing
~<>~ CANADA ~<>~
~<>~ DENMARK ~<>~
1 missing, 3 wounded
3 missing, 2 injured.
~<>~ EQUADOR ~<>~
~<>~ FRANCE ~<>~
1 dead.
4 missing, 7 wounded.
~<>~ GERMANY ~<>~
~<>~ GREECE ~<>~
1 dead, 10 wounded, and 12 missing
1 wounded and 1 missing.
~<>~ HONKONG ~<>~
~<>~ INDONESIA ~<>~
9 Missing.
9 Confirmed dead.
But the figure is exspected to rise
significantly. 195 wounded.
~<>~ ITALY ~<>~
~<>~ JAPAN ~<>~
6 Injured.
9 Injured.
~<>~ NEW_ZEALAND ~<>~
1 Missing.
1 dead, 3 Missing, 10 Injured.
~<>~ PORTUGAL ~<>~
~<>~ SOUTH_AFRICA ~<>~
1 Missing
1 Injured, 19 Missing.
~<>~ SOUTH_KOREA ~<>~
~<>~ ZWEDEN ~<>~
2 Missing.
10 Missing. and 3 Wounded.
~<>~ TAIWAN ~<>~
1 dead, and 5 Injured.
5 Missing.
2 Dead, 3 Wounded,
and 1 man Missing.