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Amazing Animal Tales

Animal Tales

Did you know that RinTinTin earn
over $66,000 a picture.
He died in the arms of actress
Jean Harlow in 1932, Aged 14
After appearing in 50 films.
The canine star was fond abandoned as a puppy
in a front line trench in France during world war 1.

Koalas And Pandas
aren't bears at all.
The Panda is most related to the raccoon,
while the koala is more closely related to the kangaroo than to the bear family.

The blood pressure of the giraffe is three times that of
a healthy human~ The highest in the world.
Why ?
To get the blood up that three metre long neck!

Bet You Didn't Know This!
Here is a selection of little-known facts
and intriguing suprises
from the animal world.
? When exposed to oxygen, mammals'
blood is red and insects'blood is yellow..
? The European oyster that lives
of the coast of Denmark
changes from male to female and back
from female to male again every five years.

? The average jelly fish is over 90% water.
Yet it can be one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean.
The lethal ingredient is the other 10 %.

? There are millions of species of animals alive today,
but 99 per cent of all forms of live
that had ever existed on earth are now extinct.

? The bow head whale's mouth is big enough
to accommodate two pick-up trucks
parked side by side in it.

? One of the world's biggest red ant colonies
is in the European Jura Mountains.
An estimated 300 million ants live there
in 1200 anthills, each two metre high
and linked by mini highways.

? During World War ll, about 30 million bats
were rounded up by the US Army Air corps.
with the intention of developing a
"bat bomb".The idea was to attach to each bat
a small bomb on a delay fuse, than release them
over enemy cities and blow up.
Despite an investment of $3 million
in the operation, it was never ever used

? The average tuna swims at a steady speed of
14.6 Km/h and since they don't sleep,
They never stop moving.
This means that a 15-year-old tuna will have
traveled 1.6 million kilometer in its live time,
whist works out at being the equivalent of swimming
nearly 40 times around the world

? Elephants are amongst the smartest animals
and are thought to understand death.
For instance, in Uganda, during an illegal
hunting expedition in the 1980s,
the ears and feet of elephants were stored in a shed.
The hunters fled when a herd of elephants broke into the shed, removed the objects and then buried them.

? Kangaroos received there name when captain Cook's crew asked Australia aborigines what the strange creatures hopping around were. They answered "Kangaroo" which actually translates as "What are you saying?" Means.

? Black Boy of Black Mountain, North Carolina, was the fattest pig in history .In 1939 he crushed the scales at 952 kg.

? The skeletons of some mammals can account for one-third of their body weight. The pigeon is an exception- its feathers alone weight more than its body

? The humpback whale's songs can be heard hundreds of kilometers away .Thanks to sensitive listening devices on NASA,s Voyager, the humpback's tune is known to even carry into the far reaches of the solar system

? A Croaker College in California, Students have whirlpools baths, physical education classes and gourmet meals. Sounds normal? Its just that all the students are frogs.

? the brain of an ostrich weights lest than one of his eyeballs.
This means that,although they can easily spot
a predator approaching,unfortunately they can't always
think fast enough to get out of the way before it attacks

? The Atlantic fish is 12 cm long and has a light in his eyes,
which it can switch on and off and use to attach food. First discovered off the coast of Jamaica in 1907, only nine have been captured alive.

? The last recorded sighing of a wild wolf in England was in 1864-but in the village of Bambridge,Yorkshire, there is still an official wolf-scarer . Who is paid by the council to keep the wolves at bay with a blast on his buffalo horn.

? At Hang-zhou in China, chickens were fitted with rose-tinted contact lenses
. The idea was to calm the birds and
so to increase egg production.
And NO, it didn't work!