If you have been baffled by a by-law
or anraged by a road rule you'll
feel better after reading this list of riotous laws
from around the world
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Stranges Laws From Around The World ###########################

In theMalagasay tribe,
it is iligal for a son to grow taller than his dad.
If he does so,he has got to pay his parents a fine.

Window-dressers are subject to a strange law
if they live in New-York.
They may leave a naked dummy in the window all day,
but if they fail to dress it at night, they will be fined.

In Madagascar,it's illegal for pregnant women
to wear hats od eat eels

In California,there.s a law which excepts motorists
who have lost both hands from having to pay at parking meters.

A state law of Kentucky, in the US,
decrees that every resident must take a bath ay least once a year.

Don't run around naked in Kenya, Africa.
If you do,you'll be deported, still naked,on the next plane out.
This law applies to foreigners, not locals.

If a French couple name their baby girl
Cherry od Vanilla, they can go to jail.

In Washington DC, there is a lewyer to every 52 peaple.

In Zanzibar (now part of Tanzania),
it use to be a capital offence for anyone
without a medical Qualification to remove tonsils.
And the death penanty is still mandatory for clove smugglers.

In Cornwall, In the UK,
the penalty for vandalising a building is still
"Transportation to Australia"!

In 1977, an 82 years-old American judge was ordered
to retire after he kept falling asleep on duty,
earning himsels the nickname Dozey in legal circles.

Duelling is forbidden in most countries,
but in Uruuay it is permitted-providing contenders
are registrated blood donors.

In Toledo, Spain, a town with many narrow streets,
you can be fined for walking more than two abreast

In Carmel, California, it is illegal to eat ice-cream
on a footpath until Clint Eastwood became the mayor.
Clint said the town wasn't big enough for the law and him.
So the law went.

A jail in Alamos,Mexico, has a novel
approach to ensuring inmated to stay put.If one escapes,
then the guard on duty has to serve out that prisoner's time.

In Minnesota, residents may not put male and female
underwear next to each other on the clothes-line.

A law in the 17th-century-Enland made it compulsory
for everyone over the age of seven years to wear a hat.
A hety fine was imposed on anyone found to be hatless,
from four pence(10 cents) for children through to the
whopping sum of 20 pounds($50)
and a parsel of fertile land for lords.
People had to be able to prove
that there hats were made in England

Garlic-lovers had best avoid the US state of Indiana-there,
it's illegal to travel on a bus within four hours of eating garlic.

In Alaska, it's illegal to look at a moose from
the window of a airplane or any other flying vehicle.

In 1955,an English restaurant was charged
under the food and drugs Act when a customer
asked the waiter for a glass of limonade
and was served with caustic soda instead.
The owners appealed their conviction
on the grounds that limonade was not a food.
But the appeal was dismissed
and they had to pay damages to the victim.

In New-York State,
it is illegal to shoot at a rabit from a moving car.

In Turkey in the 16th and 17th centuries
anyone caught drinking coffee was put to death!.