Life From Pope John Paul II


Karol Joseph Wojtya
18 May.1920
Karol Joseph Wojtya is Born in Waddowce Poland
His Father was a foundry worker and Army Officer
His Mother a former teacher who suffers
from frequence illnesses.
13 apr.1929
His Mother dies at age45
05 Dec.1932
His only sibling, his Brother Edmund,
a Physician dies after catching scarlet fever from a patient
The future Pope is confirmed, finishes secondary school
and moves to Krakow with his Father
to enroll at Jagellonian Universaty
His studies Phisophy and Literature and joins an
experimental theater group Studio 38.
June 1939
Wojtyla undergoes University militare training
01 Sep.1939
Nazi Germany invides Poland starting World War 2
With the Nazi's having closed Jaellonian Universaty,
Wojtyla ears his living as a stone cutter in a Quarry
in Krakow and later works at a Chemical plant
18 Feb.1941
His Father dies at the age of 61.
He begins Clandestine study for the Priesthood in Krakow
Wajtola's name appears on the Nazi black list
for his activities as a member of the
Christian Democratic underground
18 Jan 1945
Russian troops liberate Krakow from the Nazi's
01 Nov.1946
Wajtyla is ordained as a Priest
Weeks later, he heads to Rome and enrolls at
the Angelicum Poutifical University
He earns a decorate of Philosophy at
the Angelicum Pountifical University in June and returns to Poland,
where he earns a Master degree in Theology and a Doctorate.
in sacred Theology from Jagellonian University in December
1949 --1951
He works as a Vicar in several Krakow Parishes
and serviced as a Chaplain for University students.
He begins teaching at the Catholics University in Lublin
04 Jun.1958
Apointed Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow by Pope Pius Vll
13 Jan.1964
Appointed Arch Bishop of Krakow
28 Jun.1967
Elevated to Cardinal by Pope Paul Vl
Pope Paul Vl dies. On Aug.06. Cardinal Wojtyla takes part
in the Aug.25 - 26 Concrev that chooses Pope Paul l
29 Sep 1978.
Pope John Pal l dies.
16 Oct.1978
Cardinal Karel Joseph Wojtyla of Krakow is elected Pope.
And takes the name John Paul ll
He is the first Pole to br elected Pope
and the first non Italian pontiff in 455 years.
02 Apr. 05
Pope John Paul past away.
Saterday 21.37 Local Time. Lets Pray.
Our Condolence:
To a man who was a real Apostel for peace